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We come to see the beauty of this lotusflower lake that is surrounded by mountains.

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We come to see the beauty of this lotusflower lake that is surrounded by mountains by boatride.

Millions of lotus flowers are out in the 26,000 rai pond and there are other aquatic plants and a birding site which is home to more than 300 species of waterfowl, including teal, egret, red herons, and purple swamp-hen, which can be seen all year round.

For more than a decade, flowers had stopped growing at the natural lotus pond. Officials suspected an increase in salt levels in the swamp had stopped the flowers from growing.

Officials worked together with local shrimp farmers to help reduce the salinity of the water in their farm pools before it was released into local water sources.Since 2015, the lotus flowers started to grow in the pond once more and attracting wildlife and visitors to see this beautyfull sight.

Lotusflowers boatride & birdwatching
Local tourmanager Siri
All fees, snacks and
soft drinks included 
Fully insured
half day tour
Hotel pick up & drop off with private
luxury airconditioned transport
all fees, snacks & 
soft drinks included

Bring a hat, sunlotion, sneekers and a spare T - shirt

For more detailed information, foto's, video's and prices about this tour contact me on facebook (messenger) with the button below

2700 baht tour with 4 persons

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